The major difference lies in the learning style. Arts stream teaches why the field is being studied and Science stream teaches how to apply the study. Yet, many subjects don’t make much difference whether Arts or Science is opted. Many of the subjects come under Arts as well as Science. The major subjects that come under both the streams are MathematicsScienceComputer ApplicationsAnthropology etc.

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Apart from the common subjects most of the subjects offered in Arts are Languages of different states and countries, performing arts, religious studies, social sciences etc. The subjects offered in Sciences are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Statistics, Microbiology, Animation, Computer Application etc.

B.A English
B.A Hindi
B.A (All Languages)
B.A Journalism
B.A Psychology
B.A Sociology
B.A Economics
B.A Music
B.A Performing Arts
B.A Bharatanatyam
B.A History
B.A Political Science
B.A Geography
B.A Geology
BSc. Biology
BSc. Physics
BSc. Chemistry
BSc. Mathematics
BSc. Statistics
BSc. Criminology
BSc. Zoology
BSc. Botany
BSc. Electronics
BSc. Sociology
BSc. Psychology
BSc. Philosophy
BSc. Physiology

MSc. Biology
MSc. Physics
MSc. Chemistry
MSc. Mathematics
MSc. Statistics
MSc. Criminology
MSc. Zoology
MSc. Botany
MSc. Electronics
MSc. Sociology
MSc. Psychology
MSc. Philosophy
MSc. Physiology
M.A English
M.A Hindi
M.A (All Languages)
M.A Journalism
M.A Psychology
M.A Sociology
M.A Economics
M.A Music
M.A Performing Arts
M.A Bharatanatyam
M.A History
M.A Political Science
M.A Geography
M.A Geology