B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology is usually a 3-year graduate program, the least eligibility criteria is a 10+2 degree from a reputed board. Admission into the B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology relies upon the aspirant’s performance in the relevant entrance test and a counseling round. 

Beauty Cosmetology is the study and investigation of beauty treatment. B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology program concentrates on making individuals look good. It contains numerous branches which incorporate beauty therapy as well as treatments for hair, face, body as well as overall health care.

The program is very beneficial for candidates who planning for further higher studies for example Ph.D. Beauty Cosmetology, Master of Beauty Cosmetology etc. Candidates can also work in the hospitals by training patients how to take care of their skin after surgery. 

B.SC. in Beauty Cosmetology: What is it all about?

B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology is an undergrad Cosmetology program. The program offers extensive training and knowledge in beauty and Cosmetic Formulation, Analysis, Manufacturing and Beauty Cosmetology. Industrial training, as well as the Educational tour, are two major components of the program. The focus of this hardback, scientific, reference manual is to give Chemists, Formulators, Heads of Research as well as Development at the core of Product Development, with compact comprehensive data on the laboratory procedures, most recent raw materials, and testing methods available worldwide.

The program will incorporate core technical aptitudes with administrative and managerial skills, particularly required by the Beauty and Wellness area. The program has been intended to give candidates a far-reaching comprehension of Beauty and Nutrition as well as Spa.

B.Sc. in Beauty Cosmetology course will additionally cover subjects, for example, Natural Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Anatomy and Physiology, Skin and Cosmetic Science, Business Studies, Aesthetic Treatments, spa therapies, customer service and relations, Entrepreneurship Development and personality development.

Candidates should have a decent sense of aesthetics, inventive bent of mind and a liking for individuals of all ages. Candidates ought to have great business sense and the capability to express the one easily; information of various languages also an asset in this sector. Candidates must be polite, friendly, attractive as well as confident; hygiene is additionally a very essential thing for them.