Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation is a practical degree with presence and implementation in most of the strategic sectors of our society, with a high demand, in which the student can deepen in areas related with industrial electronics as well as the automation and robotics. This degree is present in very different working environments related to process automation, electronic management of energy, instrumentation equipment and systems, robotics, renewable energy, electric transport, communications, home automation, industrial electronics, etc.

The overall objective of the title is to provide the necessary training so that graduates can practice the functions conferred by the law to the profession of Industrial Engineer specializing in Industrial Electronics. Accordingly, the program of the degree in Industrial Electronic and Automatic is structured around a core training that includes basic science and engineering skills, such as physics, mathematics, graphic expression, programming, statistics and chemistry, etc. It also provides a solid training applied in a wide range of technological areas such as materials, thermal engineering, electronics, electric engineering, automation, mechanical engineering, industrial organization, etc.; which are complemented by other subjects of specialization such as: analog electronics, digital electronics, microprocessors, power electronics, electronic instrumentation, regulation and control, industrial automation, robotized systems, industrial computing and communications, etc.